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Ridiculous rave reviews for "Incredible Hercules" #136

"Incredible Hercules" #136, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente with pencils by Reilly Brown, has garnered a slew of rave reviews. Just a few excerpts:

Paradox Comics Group:

Here [Pak and Van Lente] display that knowledge perfectly with an outstanding and gut-bustingly funny fight which employs a manner of playground tactics to get the guffaws a-bellowing from your lungs while dissecting just what makes Herc the legend that he is. Reilly Brown’s talent as an artist really ups the comedic edge and the range of facial expressions that he can produce is particularly noteworthy. Great work from everyone involved.

Chris's Invincible Super Blog:
I’m just going to put this out there: Incredible Herc is the single best comic on the stands today.

Weekly Comic Book Review:
The battle royal between Herc and Thor is as much a raucous comedy as it is an epic, glorious brawl, and you’ll find it hard not to chuckle as each champion resorts to a string of dirty tricks to best the other. The best part is that you can still pick up this issue without having read the previous ones and still follow along just fine, and in my opinion that is one of the hallmarks of some great storytelling. I would of course be remiss if I didn’t compliment Brown and the art team for brilliant rendering this tale of balderdash and bravura, as their efforts made every page a pleasure to take in and enjoy.

Best sound effects in human history. I will not do them the disservice of reprinting them in text. Rest assured that this is wholly and completely true.

Comics Should BE Good:
What a wonderful comic. Come on - a purple nurple!!!!! Who doesn't love that?

The Buy Pile:
Why did this work better than your average fight comic? Well, first of all is the very, very slick characterization and plot work done around the newly prepubescent Zeus, who gets quite a nice turn at the end. Second is the sly humor of it all, from some "down and dirty" fight moves to the beer-swilling mutterings of Hogun and Volstagg to some of the funniest onomatopoeia ever used in sound effects ("WHATAMANNNN," "SUKKKAPUNCH," "NURP" and "GODDATHUNDAAA"). Great stuff from Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente on story and the art team of Reilly Brown, Nelson DeCastro, Guillem Mari, Ulises Areola and Sotocolor's A. Street.

10.19.09 | Comics , Hercules , Reviews

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