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Please help Peter David by buying his books

Photo credit: 5of7 on Flickr

The great writer Peter David suffered a stroke over the holidays and is now the beginning stages of recovery. His wonderful wife Kathleen has been posting updates at, and her latest note touches on the financial strain that this event will have on the family.

The quickest way for folks like us to help out is to buy Peter's books, especially those published by Crazy 8 Books, which pay the most royalties the most quickly to Peter and his family.

Peter is a fantastic storyteller whose legendary Hulk work made a big impression on me and who has always been a fun companion at conventions and signings over the years. So of course I'm buying all these books as soon as I finish this post. Here are some quick links you can use to buy them yourself:

Pulling Up Stakes, Part 1

Pulling Up Stakes, Part 2

The Camelot Papers

Darkness of the Light

Heights of the Depths

All the best and thanks for your consideration!

01.04.13 | Comics , Hulk , Real World News

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